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you cannot ever help me, nor can i ever help you

a joined fan club of anime and the cure

the cure & anime freaks in one
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DO you like anime?
DO you like the cure?

well lookie here, theres a community made for anime and cure freaks..
because those two things are happyness.. :) muahahaah

post cure and anime related things
-cure/anime lyrics
-cure CD/ anime reviews
-cure/anime pictures
-cure/anime fanart, artwork, etc. (icons/FO's/anything!)
-cure/anime anything!!!
-or just ramble about some weird obsession with Sesshomaru.. or robert smith .. ^_^
-Jrock stuff is welcome too!

zee creator.. eye_feddish

join the dots,.. pleease

Questions to be answered in you joining:
favorite anime:
favorite anime character:
favourite cure CD:
Favorite cure song:
Favorite cure music video:

* bonus question: do you like jrock? if so, what's your favorite jrock band?

.. join.. make this place prosper! ^_^

Simon Gallup is love

vash the stampede is love

"the further i get
from the things that i care about
the less i care about