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name: Aly, reporting for duty! -pulls an Ed.-
favorite anime: Detective Conan/Case Closed... it used to be Cowboy Bebop, but I don't watch it much anymore.
favorite anime character: Ed from Cowboy Bebop... or Conan from i>Detective Conan/Case Closed</i>
favourite cure CD: Disintegration. Duh? I want Pornography, too. And Boys Don't Cry, and Wish and Bloodflowers... O_O
Favorite cure song: "Plainsong" or "Disintegration". No, that is not the only album I have. I also like "Push" and "How Beautiful You Are" and "Just Like Heaven" and "Cut Here" and... oh dear, I'm listing too many again.
Favorite cure music video: The Lovecats. It's 'cause I think I have a poster from that era. It's not like I've seen it or anything. XD "The End of the World" is nice, too...

* bonus question: do you like jrock? if so, what's your favorite jrock band? I like Gackt. He's awesome. So "Gacktjob" is the band I should list, because he's just a person... @_@ Right? I like Malice Mizer, too. ^^
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